3rd – 5th July 2017
The Barbican

Should you go to the IoF Convention?

: John Baguley

CEO of International Fundraising Consultancy, John Baguley, explains why you should attend this year's Convention, and asks... what's next for fundraising?

So, should you attend Fundraising Convention?

Yes, of course you should! It is just a matter of picking the right sessions to attend for you to enhance your own personal development, as well as for your work, and select those sessions now, not when you arrive like I do.

This year, I am leading a panel discussion on New Frontiers in Fundraising: the Next Big Things in Fundraising. That will be on Monday 3rd July at 12:00. Joining me on the panel are the awesome Craig Linton, aka The Fundraising Detective and top fundraiser; Carol Akiwumi, Chair of the IoF Black Fundraisers Special Interest Group and an inspirational fundraising guru; plus Amanda Horton-Mastin, the wonderfully innovative International Campaigns Developer at Red Nose Day and not to be missed!

To coincide, the International Fundraising Consultancy (IFC) will also be running a competition to spot the next big things in fundraising, offering a bottle of champagne for the best idea each day, and consultancy time to bring the winning idea or trend to fruition.

It is high time that some of the doom and gloom hanging over fundraising was dispelled, and we aim to do just that by looking at what will make you want to get up in the morning, knock back the coffee and raise a shed load of money for your charity.

Once we all went overboard on building our donor bases through direct mail (and what a revelation that was when you could get a 5% return in year one) next Rich Fox brought us brilliant telemarketing, then I remember face-to-face fundraising taking off and we were suddenly surrounded by a new young demographic. As all that started to subside JustGiving gave events a real boost, and there we were at midnight stumbling along in the dark, regretting all that pre-loading and posting risky selfies at the same time. Next, we were sobered up in a hurry by being drenched in a bucket of cold water, and recovered only to be faced by demands to raise a fortune through crowdfunding – if only we could locate a crowd anywhere near big enough.

So, what’s next for the sector? Is it going to be some new payment mechanism? Will block-chains turn out to make sense, and will Bitcoins turn out to be real currency and fundraising gold? Is it back to old fashioned charity and the Medici all over again, as ridiculously wealthy people provide charities with multi-million pound donations, or just dangle them then set up their own charity equivalents? What next too for social media and fundraising?

But just maybe you have just spotted a rainbow and pot of gold at the end of this deluge or perhaps you have a cunning plan? Either way just fill out a competition form when you get to Fundraising Convention in July and let’s discuss it - you could be a lucky winner and change the face of fundraising from :-( to :-).

Take a look at John's Convention session: New frontiers in fundraising - the next big things

John Baguley, CEO of IFC Group, and IoF Lifetime Contribution Award winner 2016

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