3rd – 5th July 2017

Jonathan Levy

Senior Business Development and Fundraising Manager

Senior Business Development and Fundraising Manager for Lottery Promotion Services

Jonathan lives in Warrington and having previously worked in politics, began his fundraising career in 2013.

After struggling to get a break in transferring his extensive voluntary experience into employment, Jonathan created a business case and pitched to a few causes. He gained employment with the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation, initially as a fundraising apprentice, before becoming permanent and overseeing the Foundation’s income generation activities.

Jonathan now specialises in face-to-face fundraising, enabling various national and local causes to do even more great work. He is proud to be a fundraiser and strives to be the very best he can be.

Outside of his employment, Jonathan serves as a trustee of the Dyspraxia Foundation, a disability charity that works to enable people with dyspraxia to reach their full potential in life. As someone with dyspraxia, Jonathan does all he can to raise awareness of the condition, and in 2015 he appeared in an award-winning episode of Channel 4 series ‘Embarrassing Bodies – Live from The Clinic’.

Before joining the Convention board, Jonathan served as a volunteer at the event for five years. He gained a lot from this and encourages others to apply to join the 60-stong team.