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July 2018
The Barbican 

Lunchtime sessions

The lunchtime sessions at Convention are additional free learning opportunities, taking place each lunchtime, and are kindly sponsored by leading sector partners.

Monday 3rd July

SPLAT! I Just dropped my ice-cream: the role of emotion in storytelling

13:20 Fountain Room - Ground Floor

Research shows that the stronger you convey emotion in your video, the more likely your audience will react to it (hopefully in the way you anticipated). When something makes us ‘feel,’ it cuts through the noise and connects, it moves us. Learning how to focus on emotion in your storytelling is crucial for success.

This session will cover…

  • The magic of the ‘story, emotion and video’ combination
  • What is the ‘feeling’ filter and why you should care
  • Examples of home runs and complete wipeouts with emotional storytelling

Presented by: Ravinol Chambers, BeInspired Films 

Be Inspired Films

Tuesday 4th July

Save The Children's Case Study: New monthly donors through Facebook & Instagram - Expand your database!

12:50 Fountain Room - Ground Floor

The main goal of this session is to tell how the complete lead and donor generation flow is working: Starting from Facebook, ending in a longer term donor. This session will be divided over 2 speakers that each will discuss the case study of Social Blue & Save The Children. 

You will learn to:
- Work with text- and visual strategy on Facebook and Instagram
- Use your existing database to reach the perfect new audience on Facebook/Instagram
- Collaborate with partner organizations to get the best results
- Setting up a proper funnel from impression to conversion
- Construct a scalable long-term lead generation strategy

Delivered by: Kevin Bruggink & Jeroen BeelenSocial Blue

Wednesday 5th July

The Old Ways are Broken

12.45 - online via Facebook Live

The rules of the game have changed, transition will not be easy but there is a huge opportunity to be had for those that make the change. Richard will be sharing:

  • his insights on the ‘new rules’
  • learning from applying them over a 5 year period at SolarAid
  • a model for making the most of them going forward

This session will be broadcast LIVE online at 12.45, 5th July 2017 via the IoF Facebook page - follow us on Facebook and don't miss out!

Presented by: Ravinol Chambers (@ravinol) & Richard Turner (@ifundraiser)Fred Talks

Let's get mentoring - a speedy introduction

A chance for those interested in a mentoring relationship to network, share experience of IoF mentoring schemes and gain as insight into what a mentoring relationship has to offer.

Monday 3rd July - 13:15 & 13:35 Fountain Room Foyer - Ground Floor

Tuesday 4th July - 12:45 & 13:05 Fountain Room Foyer - Ground Floor

Wednesday 5th July - 12:45 & 13:05 Fountain Room Foyer - Ground floor

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