July 2018
The Barbican

Wellbeing at Convention


As part of the Wellbeing at Convention this year, sponsor Wisdom Fish have supplied audio meditations for both delegates and speakers, providing listeners with a solid foundation in meditation practice.

Look out for Neil Hope of Wisdom Fish running meditation sessions at Fundraising Convention on Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th July in the Conservatory at 10.15am.

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Series 1 includes:

1. Introduction - an introduction to parts 2-4 below.

2. Curiosity – Introducing the idea of meditation as a tool to cultivate better states of mind (3 minutes)

3. Interest – How to prepare for meditation – finding the right space, tips on sitting comfortably and the four stages of meditation (5 minutes)

4. The Practice – A complete guided meditation, recommended that people practice this as much as possible, ideally daily. This will give individuals a solid foundation in meditation practice, and enable them to get the most from the further meditations Wisdom Fish will be providing for Convention itself (19 minutes)

Download Meditation series 1 (.zip folder)


Series 2 includes:

5. Introduction - introduction to parts 6-8 below

6. Breathe: be grounded and relaxed – Designed to support presenters, facilitators, speakers and, indeed, anyone who may experience pre-conference nerves or anxiety (8 minutes)

7. Grounded Energy – A useful pick-me up to combat afternoon energy drops (10 minutes)

8. Kindness to oneself and others - Before joining and after this event confirm our intent around what we’ve learnt and who we’ve met. A meditation practice for life (10 minutes)

Download Meditation series 2 (.zip folder)


© Neil Hope/Wisdom Fish 2017. This sound recording is for your personal contemplation only. It’s not to be edited or used in any saleable or commercial manner. For more information, please contact info@wisdomfish.co.uk

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Transform Wellbeing

Transform Wellbeing is the name of a range of services that support fundraising teams and individual towards having greater emotional and mental health. We believe individual and collective wellbeing is directly linked to our performance and our ability to have the impact we desire. Transform Wellbeing is an offshoot of fundraising consultancy Transform Fundraising. We truly believe that the emotional and mental wellbeing of ourselves and our teams has a direct impact on ability to work effectively and raise vital income.

Employers know that organisations perform better when staff are healthy, motivated and focused. Research consistently shows that when employees feel higher wellbeing levels they are more committed to the organisation’s goals and, importantly, they perform better too.

Yoga Stretch 

(A recharge for body and mind)

It is important to dedicate time during the day to recharge your batteries. The aim of this session is to facilitate revitalising and energising the body and mind though a simple series of stretches and body awareness exercises. Although based on yoga Transform Wellbeing have adapted and de-mystified the exercises adopting a more inclusive participatory style suitable for all abilities. Exercises can either be done standing or sitting in a chair and participants can drop in at any time. All our exercises can be taken back to your home and office so you have them available at any time.

Benefits include:

-  Better sense of presence and the feeling of being in your body
-  A better understanding of the relationship between body, breath and our energy levels/vitality.
-  Take away techniques that you can access at home or in the office.
-  Relief of head, neck and back strain, insomnia, high blood pressure and work-related injuries from repetitive motion.
-  A more supple energised body.
-  Improved alertness and ability to react more calmly in demanding situations.
-  Increased productivity as a result of being happy and full of energy.

Taking care of you

(Help to manage stress, anxiety and burnout)
In the UK over 11.7 million working days are lost each year due to stress and anxiety. It is a modern epidemic!  With increasing competition for each pound and trying to meet ambitious targets fundraising can be a demanding job with pressures that need to be managed in a healthy way. This session is an opportunity to tune in to our own personal levels of stress and anxiety and start adopting practices that will reduce it significantly. This is a participatory session in which participants will; honestly voice their current levels of stress, understand the relationship between the body and stress, identify the parts of the body where we traditionally hold tension and using the breath and mindfulness as a tool to reduce stress and anxiety.

Benefits include:

- Take home breathing exercises to reduce stress and anxiety.
- A better understanding of the relationship between body, breath and anxiety.
-  Simple exercises you can do it standing up, sitting in a chair that supports your back, or lying on a bed.
-  Noticing the physical feeling of stress as soon as it starts.
-  A more natural energy for work and fun as we burn less on being anxious.
-  Increased productivity as a result of being de-stressed and anxiety free.
These sessions are meant to be purely complementary and are not a substitute for professional medical advice.

Transform Wellbeing is an offshoot of consultancy Transform Fundraising