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Free gingerbread for everyone! Creating a multifaceted campaign.

When & Where

12:00 - 13:00, Monday 2nd July 2018




Crystal Hicks , Julie Cook , Abbie Scott , David Foster


> Intermediate

Gingerbread here, gingerbread there, there's gingerbread everywhere! When we developed the Giving a Home campaign we did not appreciate that we would never be able to see a gingerbread man again and not think '#Givingahome'. This session explores the process of developing a multifaceted campaign as a smallish charity. Resources were tight and there was no luxury of focusing on one or two supporter groups. This campaign taught us lessons in how to engage individual supporters, corporates, employees and community groups, through one appeal. We hope to share this learning with you and also how we secured investment funding and celebrity endorsement in the campaign.