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Transforming your Events Income – Putting High Value Donors at the Heart of Your Small Charity

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15:15 - 16:00, Monday 2nd July 2018




Carla Cornwell , Danielle Branch


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You don’t have a Philanthropy Manager or High Value Co-ordinator right? That doesn’t mean you can’t get significant gifts if you’re anything from a sole fundraiser or Community Assistant. By putting high value givers at heart of The Katie Piper Foundation’s Events, Challenge and Community activity, we dramatically increased income with a Fundraising Team of one! A single small event in 2017 raised net 80% more than the charity’s whole net income two years before. In this session you’ll hear three case studies; a challenge, supporter’s own and central event. You’ll get the inside track on how they succeeded by engaging generous wealthy individuals and what you can ‘make your own’ from that practical guide. The Institute for Social Change stated that in 2010/11, the poorest 20% gave 3.2% of their gross monthly income to charity. The richest 20% gave just 0.9%. Let’s make sure we’re asking our wealthier existing and potential supporters as often and as well, as the rest of our treasured audiences.