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Storytelling – simple techniques that improve your influencing skills

When & Where

12:00 - 13:00, Monday 2nd July 2018




Rob Woods



You’re probably aware that including relevant examples in the way we talk to supporters makes a difference to fundraising results. But doing it well in practice is not as easy as it sounds, so a couple of tools can really help.
And in studying very successful fundraisers, I’ve also noticed that the mind-set to proactively include more real examples can help you in so many other parts of your job, from team and trustee meetings, to job interviews and presentations. In this dynamic session, Rob shares a range of story techniques, including:
-The simple trick used by one community team that helped increase their income by 210% in 14 months
- Two techniques from a professional story teller that help you increase WOW factor
- How to improve your influencing results using your smart phone