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The future of corporate partnerships

When & Where

10:30 - 11:30, Monday 2nd July 2018



Corporate partnerships are on the rise across the charity sector and they are growing in their scale, scope and complexity.
This interactive session will explore the latest trends, innovations, risks and opportunities associated with corporate partnerships. It will open with a dynamic presentation on the key findings from the latest research on this topic (published in March 2018) by More Partnership. The study features new data analysis, and interviews with over forty leading thinkers and practitioners across sectors; it explores current leading practice, and details a range of critical trends in this area. These findings will fuel a short panel debate with leading experts from across sectors, and we will then open to audience input and questions.

The session will be valuable for anyone with an interest in how strategic collaborations can deliver impact, and more generally to all fundraisers with an interest in the relationships between financial giving, advocacy, gifts in kind, and commercial sponsorship.