We are delighted to be able to offer delegates at Convention the opportunity to sign up for a FREE one hour executive coaching session.

Ever wondered what the difference is between coaching and mentoring and how either might be able to help you? At this year’s Convention we are offering a free one hour coaching or mentoring session with a number of professional coaches who are committed to helping individuals develop their personal growth and impact. 

So if this appeals to you consider first whether its' a coaching or mentoring session you'd like. 

Coaching is when you present a topic to explore and the coach facilitates your understanding and insight. They will ask you a series of questions that enable you to think deeply about the topic and find your own answers. It can be a hugely rewarding experience and the benefit of this approach is that learning is more deeply integrated than when an answer is just given to you.

Mentoring offers you the opportunity to learn and benefit from someone who has had more experience in a role or area of expertise than you. In these circumstances you will present a topic that might need a level of understanding that your experience can't give you. You may seek advice or simply see it as an educational opportunity. 

We are offering both types of support and encourage you to look online at the coaches’ biographies to see who best meets your requirements. We can't guarantee your first choice but we will do everything possible to match you with the perfect coach. 

Meet your coaches...

Susie Boyle

Michelle Lawton

Rich Hale

Richard Taylor

Alex Hodge

Adam Thomas

Ali Jeremy

Laura Towers

Coaching timetable

If you would like to book a executive coaching slot please select a coach and time from the below table and email your request to iofconvention@institute-of-fundraising.org.uk. 

Please also include your full name, job title, organisation, email and mobile number in this email. 

Please note your coaching place is not booked until you recieve a confirmation email.