Rich Hale

Coaching is about empowerment.  The coach helps the client to discover the ideas, ambitions and challenges and the resources they need to execute them.  The coaching relationship can be an enduring and deepening journey that can bring real definition, meaning and enjoyment to the work we do, and the life we live.


Rich has a significant track record as a COO and deep experience in business strategy, planning, programme management, business re-engineering and business applications consultancy.  He has held numerous global roles at investment banks where he thrived in complex environments and built motivated, dynamic and high performing teams.  He was known for being entrepreneurial, innovative, challenging and commercially astute.  He has a naturally questioning mind and an acknowledged ability to break down problems so that they can be understood and overcome.

In a surprising and tangential career, Rich has also achieved some success as a professional songwriter and singer with several EP and album releases to his credit as well as international radio play.

Rich was persuaded to move into coaching by former colleagues and friends and soon discovered that he thoroughly enjoyed helping smart, accomplished people develop themselves and their careers even further.

‘I’m a person with a lot of energy, and through coaching I can channel some of that energy into others, and that’s a wonderfully philosophically enriching process for me when I see that start to pay off for my clients.’