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Pascal's Wager to Ockham's Razor - the science and art of good decisions

When & Where

15:15 - 16:00, Monday 1st July 2019
Auditorium 1




Chris Trevor



With a unique Natural History Museum twist, we go in search of critical thinking tools to see how and why we make good, bad and brilliant decisions and how to maximise the reward when confronted by important choices.  Whether recruiting, budgeting or devising strategy, this session invokes neuroscience, philosophy and interactive elements to help you "get it right" when you need to!   We look at evaluating in the context of decision theory, thinking in bets, heuristics, logic, group dynamics and other areas of insight.  For decision-makers interested in making better choices, understanding the way they think, and in delivering better outcomes personally and professionally – featuring exclusive, contemporary and thought-provoking content presented in an engaging and accessible way by a senior manager and consultant with over 25 years fundraising experience.