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The importance and power of story-telling: but whose story is it, and who’s doing the telling?

When & Where

14:15 - 15:00, Monday 1st July 2019
Barbican Hall



As a fundraiser ‘story’ is your most powerful communication tool. Stories can make the complex simple, we learn and remember more from story than facts and statistics. A powerful story told well will help your organisation cut through the noise, inspire the hearts and minds of supporters and inspire them to take action.

But whose stories are you telling? Is your beneficiary story one that you have the right to tell?
A good story is simply the truth well told, but in a charities desire to achieve its mission does the beneficiaries’ truth become distorted in order to appeal more to supporters?

Join Esther, Matthew and Lucy in this session as they share their lessons from their own storytelling experiences and if you want to think more deeply than ‘once upon a time’ and;
• Learn the practical principles of telling a good story
• Explore were the power in your powerful storytelling lies – is it with your charity, the beneficiary or the donor?
• Ensure your storytelling is truthfully connecting your supporters to the impact they are making to beneficiaries.
• Understand the integrity of a story and the real impact of your storytelling
• If your supporter is the hero in your story what does this mean for beneficiaries?