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Managing Director


McClure Solicitors


Andrew Robertson LLB NP, Managing Director of McClure Solicitors and member of Institute of Directors, has over 46 years legal experience. Founded in 1853 and with 14 offices throughout Great Britain, McClure specialises in Wills, Powers of Attorney, Family Protection Trusts, Estate Planning and Inheritance Tax solutions.

McClure has been providing a Free Will Service since 1984 and currently has 96 charity partners that recommend McClure for Estate Planning via the service. McClure generates about 500 new clients per month, of whom approximately 45% take a Power of Attorney and 10% instruct a Family Protection Trust.

In 2016 McClure raised over £15 million for charity via donations, Gift Aid and legacies. In 2017 McClure raised over £30 million. Their unique approach to business and to charity fundraising was a significant factor in the award of High Street Firm of the Year at the Scottish Law Awards and Inspiring Professionals of the Year by Inverclyde Chamber of Commerce.

Andrew says “Encouraging a Will writing client to leave a legacy for charity is not as easy as some may think. It’s not enough just to suggest it. It takes experience and skill. McClure converts 4 times the average to leave a legacy.”