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Job Role

Community & Events Fundraising Manager


St Catherine's Hospice


With a wealth of experience in events, community engagement, volunteering and now fundraising, Tom is with his second local charity as Community & Events Fundraising Manager.

Since joining St Catherine's Hospice a year ago, Tom has quickly developed strategies that not only encourage smarter working within his teams but that also have led to improvements in supporter engagement and most importantly have increased income generation.

Tom is a keen advocate of innovation but has set up systems and ways of working that encourage informed innovation, using data and supporter profiling to guide product development.

"Community fundraising is often seen as unglamorous but these colleagues really are the unsung heroes. They hold they key that opens the door to other revenue streams for so many supporters in our local communities. Working smarter and using our time more effectively, in an informed and educated way, has enabled my team to relieve some of the time pressures that all community fundraisers face whilst simultaneously increasing income generation. Achieving this might have seemed like an impossible dream, particularly for a community fundraiser, but we have done it and are getting better at it every day!"